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    Look to the east from Tramin in South Tyrol and you can see the white flanks of the Weisshorn peak soaring up into the spring sunshine. These slopes are home to the pine cones that will in three years ripen to perfection, to be carefully picked by hand in the summer. These pine cones are what give our Z44 – Distilled Dry Gin its distinctive authenticity.

    Tra Alpi e Mediterraneo

    Nuances of fresh lime and a range of Alpine and Mediterranean herbs and flowers from the foothills of the Alps complement the menthol-fresh pine taste to produce an innovative Distilled Dry Gin. The typical notes of juniper are complemented with yarrow, violet root and gentian root. The essence of pine cones is distilled in a small still, and the result is this unique Alpine gin.

    Swiss stone pine

    Is a species from the pine family (Pinaceae) native to the Alps. The tree can grow to 25 metres in height and live for up to 1,000 years. The fresh, ripe cones are harvested by hand in summer. They are characterised by their fresh, resinous, intense and almost menthol notes that caress the nose and the palate.


    is a plant that belongs to the cypress family (Cupressaceae). The common juniper grows as an upright or creeping shrub or small tree to a height of up to 12 metres and can live for 600 years. In ancient times it was held to have a cleansing effect as well as the ability to ward off evil spirits. Its unmistakable, rich and tangy fragrance is the dominant note in every gin.


    Is a genus of plants in the aster family (Asteraceae). The botanical name Achillea derives from the Greek hero Achilles who according to legend, once treated his wounds with the help of this plant. Its scent is floral and intense and, like camomile, it has a relaxing effect, giving our gin its range and persistence.


    Or viola is a genus of plants in the Violaceae family. Known for its fragrant scent, many properties are attributed to this flower. Violet roots possess the typical violet notes: fresh, floral and intense, to provide a playful springtime touch that contrasts with the other herbs.

    Alpine water

    Alpine water, pure and fresh from our own spring, is used at all stages in the making of our gin. South Tyrol is known for the outstanding quality of its water, rich in valuable trace elements, which provides another essential component for this excellent gin.


    Gin Tonic


    4-6 cl Z44 Dry Gin
    cl Tonic Water


    Tumbler or Highball

    White Lady


    4 cl di gin Z44
    3 cl di triple sec
    2 cl lemon juice



    Gin Fizz


    4.5 cl Gin Z44
    3 cl lemon juice
    1 cl liquid sugar
    8 cl di soda


    Long Drink



    1/3 Gin Z44
    1/3 Wermouth
    1/3 Campari


    Tumbler - Old Fashioned

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